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Cooperative Societies -

Consortia - Onlus

Training Area
  • Civil, accounting, fiscal and administrative training activities aimed at creating administrative and accounting skills within cooperatives with particular reference to recent regulatory changes regarding internal regulations and cooperative refunds.
Legal consultancy and assistance area
  • Consultancy regarding the examination and drafting of the statutes of cooperative companies and consortia also in the form of consortium companies in light of the innovations introduced by Legislative Decree no. 6/2003 (reform of the civil code with regards to Corporate Law) as well as in compliance with Law no. 59/92 and Law no. 142/1 (introduction of the regulation regarding worker members and provision of reimbursement).
  • Consultancy for the drafting of internal regulations regarding the discipline of the worker member, the social loan, etc...
  • Assistance in judicial litigation and arbitration procedures.
  • Consultancy for contracts (procurement contracts, temporary association of companies, etc...). 
Administrative and Accounting Consulting Area
  • Preventive consultancy on general accounting through an analytical accounting, fiscal and administrative check-up using questionnaires and procedures.
  • Consultancy for the creation of the chart of accounts and the related manual. operating according to standard or customized formulas.
  • Accounting and consultancy.
  • Consultancy and drafting of the annual and/or consolidated financial statements and related accompanying documents, preparation of any interim situations.
  • Advice on administrative methods and procedures. Creation of administrative and management internal control systems.
Auditing Area
  • Legal control of accounts both within the institutional body (auditor - board of auditors), both in the form of certification of the institution's accounts and/or budget areas, and as a check on the correct application of accounting principles.
  • Consultancy regarding the analysis and subsequent creation of internal administrative procedures.
  • Specific administrative and accounting assistance during annual/biennial inspections.
Tax Consulting Area
  • Keeping and/or auditing of accounts according to tax legislation.
  • Ordinary tax consultancy in the field of direct and indirect taxation and drafting of tax returns specifically in relation to cooperatives and/or consortia.
  • Legal aid in tax disputes, consultancy in relations with the Financial Administration and assistance in deflationary activities of the dispute (assessment with acceptance, etc...).
  • Tax planning in the context of the taxation of cooperatives and consortia also through the correct use of the refund in order to reduce the fiscal impact of the new legislation.
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